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Q: Where can I hear some of your work?

A: Visit our homepage and listen to our before & after audio player.

Q: How does the online service work?

A: It’s very easy and straightforward:

  1. select the Standard, Analog or Pro+Analog package that best suits your needs;
  2. select your track count, revisions and turnaround time;
  3. tell us about your project (title, artist, description);
  4. upload your audio files and checkout.

We will verify your files and, if everything is okay and accounted for, prepare a mix of your song for your review. Then you can approve or request tweaks, we will revise the work and send you a final mix to approve. Once approved, we will send you a radio-ready stereo WAV file.

Q: How many revisions may I request?

A: Two revisions come standard with all of our packages. If you would like unlimited revisions, please select that option before uploading your .ZIP file.

Q: What if my vocals are pitchy or slightly off-beat?

A: Performance counts—in large amounts! Often times the performance and emotionality of a vocal or instrumental part is far more important than whether it’s a little out-of-tune or off-the-beat. Thankfully, technology gives us a way to discreetly and precisely correct such problems. Our Analog and Pro+Analog packages includes pitch- and time-correction. (…And don’t worry, we won’t make you sound like Cher, T-Pain or Kanye—unless you want us to! 😜)

Q: What is your standard per-song turnaround time?

A: Once we receive and verify your files, it will take us approximately 5–7 business days to provide you with a first mix of your song. Revisions will require additional time, and multiple songs and/or correction work will take us a little longer, which we will discuss with you directly. However, if you are in a hurry and need your project completed sooner, please select our 48-hour Rush service at checkout, which gives you a guaranteed 48-hour turnaround of that song.

Q: How should I prepare my tracks for LA Music Mixing?

A: Please export your tracks as uncompressed .WAV files in the form of individual mono or stereo audio files or ‘stems’ of your lead vocal, background vocals, instruments, drums (i.e., kick, snare, toms, high-hat, cymbals), percussion, dialogue, Foley, etc. Please switch-off any EQ, compression, delay, flanger, chorus, reverb and other effects and plugins that you may have on your tracks before exporting them. Please name each of your tracks for the instrument they represent; i.e., lead_vocal.wav, acou_guitar.wav, piano.wav, handclaps.wav, snare.wav, etc. Put each of your audio files together in a folder that follows the filename convention of ArtistName_SongTitle_BPM, and include a copy of your original multi-track demo mix (if you have one), along with any other reference tracks, mix notes and relevant details and ZIP it; i.e.,

Q: What is your policy regarding copyright and confidentiality?

A: Simple: our services are copyright-free and we keep your music strictly confidential.

Q: Love it, or my money back?

A: In a world where everyone claims to be ‘the best’ (but usually isn’t), it can be stressful to commission a service with which you’re not familiar. To help alleviate that stress for you, we offer our ‘love it, or your money back’ guarantee. Does that mean we want to work for free? No. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well, and ‘good enough’ never is. To that end, we will work closely with you to achieve the results that will make you happy. However, we will not be exploited. We expect you to communicate with us on a consistent basis and provide clear and concise feedback in a timely manner. It takes two to make a thing go right; therefore, our guarantee does not apply to a project where the client isn’t ‘in the mix’ with us.

Q: Who should I credit for the work you do on behalf of my music?

A: Thank you! (-: We graciously appreciate receiving credit for our work! Please credit “LA Music Mixing”—i.e., Mixed by LA Music Mixing in Los Angeles.

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