Does your music sound stale?

Have you noticed that it feels lifeless?

The problem:

  • mix sounds muddy 
  • bass is too loud and boomy 
  • vocals sound dull and lost in the mix 
  • drums sound harsh and cause headaches 
  • background instruments all seem to be fighting 

We’ll bring your songs to life!

From dull and lifeless to bold and beautiful!

With the same top-quality studio equipment and top-secret mixing techniques used to produce award-winning hits here in Los Angeles, we’ll give your music the clear, punchy, bold and beautiful ‘LA polish’ it needs to sound radio-ready, award-worthy, and loved by listeners all around the world!

Hear the difference for yourself:

Listen to examples of our work:

Each example song in our unique audio player alternates between contrasting A/B or before and after sections; i.e., (A) the client’s raw stacked audio files or their original demo mix, and (B) our final mix of their song.

(If your genre isn’t represented here, let us know and we will add an example.)

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Love it! Or your money back.

We invite you to give us a try. We’re sure you’ll love our work. If you don’t, you will get double your money back. It’s that simple.

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